You can sign up one of two ways:

1) Download the app

2) Get a key card from a Snuffer’s location & register that key card at

No, there is no fee.

Yes, we do require an email address in order to sign up.

Yes, you may use both. However, you can also just use one or the other. The app is easier and highly recommended.

By downloading the #CheddarFriesNation app you will have access to your rewards balance, Snuffer’s locations list & simple 3-digit code for earning rewards.

Yes, all locations will be participating.

Rewards can include food or drink items you wish to redeem using your available points – like Cheddar Fries, milkshake, appetizers & even a burger or sandwich!

You will earn rewards for every dollar spent at Snuffer’s. Simply give your server your 3-digit check-in code, account number, key tag or phone number with your payment and they will apply the rewards to your account.

You will receive a push notification on your app, an email or both. You can also check your rewards balance with your app.

To redeem your rewards, simply give your server your 3-digit check-in code, account number, key tag or phone number with your payment and let them know which reward you would like to use.

Yes, your welcome & birthday rewards expire after 30 days. All other rewards sent via email expire after 60 days.

No, your points that have been earned through purchases do not expire.

You can check your balance through the app or by going into a Snuffer’s location and giving your server your key tag, account number or phone number.

Yes, you do not have to redeem a reward before earning another; however, rewards do expire within a certain timeframe based on the reward.

You must give your server your 3-digit check-in code, account number or key tag at the end of each visit to earn your points. To ensure you’ve earned your points, ask your server to print your rewards balance.

Unfortunately, we can only ensure you receive your points during that visit. Once you’ve left the restaurant, we cannot credit your points.

All purchases at Snuffer’s are eligible to earn points to be used for rewards.

Yes, personal information is kept secure and will be used pursuant to our Privacy Policy.

A push notification is an alert sent to your phone that informs you of news from the app. This should be opted-in when signing up for the app so you can stay informed on the newest deals, promotions & news.

You will receive an email prompting sign-up for the Rewards Program. From there, you will need to complete your #CheddarFriesNation profile.

You can update your information at or through or App. Login to your profile to change information needed.

You can give your server your phone number to earn or redeem your points, then ask them to replace your key tag. Make sure to give them your phone number, or 3-digit check-in code so they can link it to the correct account.

Please reach out to with any technical issues.